Ginsberg Quinlan

Quinlan Ginsberg

Owner & CEO Of Quantum Edge Media

Name:Ginsberg Quinlan
Date of birth:March 1987
Address:Studio City, CA
Phone:(818) 732-0129
After a life long interest in the workings of technology and the online world Quinlan Ginsberg went on to start Quantum Edge Media, a successful online focused advertising agency which also provides SMB consulting in numerous other areas. In his spare time Quinlan likes to code on some of his personal pet projects, enjoy the latest of digital media and gaming, and spend time with his amazing girlfriend.

Company Profiles


1. Quantum Home Brewing


The Latest Tips & Tricks in Homebrewing, So-Cal Home Brewing Culture, Home Brewing Equipment Reviews, Homebrew Recipes, Home Brew Shop, and Beer Tasting Journal.

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2. The Quantum Reporter


Tech, Current Events, & Los Angeles Local Magazine

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3. Quantum Edge Media


Quinlan Ginsberg started Quantum Edge Media with the goal of creating a different kind of ad agency, one built for the future.

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