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Windows 8 Start Menu Partial Match App Search Problem

I recently had an issue when searching in the start menu for apps they would not show up unless I had an exact match. If you are reading this after coming from a web search you probably have the same issue. Needless to say this was a PITA so I recently set out to solve this issue once and for all. After finding some nightmarish solutions involving completely recreating your user profile by backing it up, wiping it, and re-creating it, I found a simple 10 second solution.

Easy Solution:

  1. From Start Menu Open Control Panel
  2. In Control Panel Open Folder Options
  3. In Folder Options Panel Click The Search Tab
  4. Check The Box For Find Partial Matches under the How To Search Section Then Hit Okay
  5. Crack a cold brew and revel in your success.


Want a CV/Personal Home Page of your own?

I was very pleased with how my new personal website & CV turned out. I have been getting alot of compliments on it. So today I have great news for anyone out there that would like their very own personal homepage and or CV page, I am available for hire to make you one of your very own. I have a wide variety of options for all manner of budgets, I have some nice clean modern designs that I have pre-made for very affordable prices and customization starts at very affordable rates, all of these sites come with the amazing WordPress CMS integrated so that you can manage your site with no HTML/CSS knowledge at all.  For those demanding something even more custom I can build you one from scratch starting with a custom designed PSD that we work on until it looks exactly how you want it too then we take that and turn it into a top of the line easy to use WordPress driven site with what every kind of functionality you would like us to build in, almost anything is possible depending on your budget. All of the sites are built using the latest HTML 5 and CSS 3 Standards.